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Eckart Hübner has held the position of bassoon professor at the University of the Arts in Berlin (formely the Hochschule of the Arts) since 1998. The programs of study offered are Bachelors and Masters (with focus on either solo work or chamber/orchestral work).

The course of studies, additionally to the individual lessons, provides students further guidance through work with a collaborative pianist (Anano Gokieli), Contrabassoon lessons (Thomas Kollikowski, Solo Contrabassoonist of the Deutsche Oper Berlin), reed-making lessons (Manfred Baumgärtner, Principal Bassoonist of the Jenaer Philharmoniker) and harpsichord collaboration (collaborative early music, Beni Araki).


The main teaching goals in this class are to develop the skills and tools necessary to attain a good position in an orchestra. The long list of orchestras in which Eckart Hübner’s current and former students are engaged with show the success in his work (please see the link Studenten von Eckart Hübner). However, even more importantly, is to help every student individually, to find their distinctive musical voice and to be able to realize this voice through the instrument.



How to apply…



Details for the entrance auditions can be found here. 


The application dates are as follows;


Summer Semester (starting in April): 15th of October- 14th of November

Winter Semester (starting in October): 15th of March – 14th of April